I’m proudly part of the Before 6 AM Club and you should be too. Here’s why

Marcos Ortiz
3 min readSep 8, 2022
Photo by Torsten Kellermann from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-green-grass-field-955657/

Well, technically, I’m part of the “Before 6 AM” Club, but you get it.

I’ve shared before that most of your time management problems can be solved with a little better planning and just waking up a little earlier.

I will put an example of my early morning yesterday:

6 AM — Wake up, quick shower

6:20 AM — Prepare the breakfast for the family (One of my favorite moments of the day after working remotely)

6:40 AM — Breakfast with the whole family before my wife goes to school with our 8-year-old boy

7:00 AM — Go to check on my mom. She is recovering very well from the surgery. I’m his “walking partner”.

This is beneficial in two ways: a short walk helps her to give more activity to their digestive system, and take fresh air.

7:50 AM Quick rest

8:20 AM Quick check of the newsletters stats.

New ideas for Interesting Data Gigs checked. Last week's stats for the last story about Cloudinary


AWS Graviton Weekly's first issue will be out next Friday, so stay tuned


9:00 AM Checking Twitter, I saw a very interesting tweet from

about a company from his Not Boring portfolio, working to solve a very complicated problem inside the U.S: Medical bills.

The company is currently in stealth mode and is looking for early users.

So, if you are interested in it, check it out here:

Retweet an amazing 🧵 from a fellow AWS Community Builder: Andrea Cavagna, where he shows 11 ways to improve the security of the access to AWS console.

Check the link here:

Andrea is the Maintainer behind Leapp, an Open Source project Cloud Access app, designed to manage and secure Cloud Access in multi-cloud environments.

Check out the link here:

We are cooking some things together, so stay tuned for this collaboration.

9:30 AM Booked a call for the next week with Sama Carlos Samame about some interesting stuff he is doing today with his team at BoxyHQ.

They are building something cool in the Enterprise security space.

Check out here if you want to know more https://boxyhq.com/

9:45 AM Saw that my awesome partners of Ramp announced today its official Lending Partners.

Check it out here:

It’s very weird how things work.

Yesterday, I was taking the walk with my mother wearing the Ramp cap. Weird, right? :)

Walking time with my Ramp cap

10 AM Check with my awesome partners in crime Tony Kipkemboi and Khann Vy Nguyen for the “Get a Job Abroad” publication for new ideas for the publication.

We will have our first Zoom call together. This is why I love the Internet and this is why I love this community inside LinkedIn.

10:10 AM Start my work for today at Riot Games.

As you can see, I’ve made a lot of things in less than 3 hours. Just by waking up early.

Sometimes, when I have to write a new article, I wake up even early (5 AM is perfect for writing, at least for me).

Sometimes, I wake up later, but never after 7:30 AM.

I’m a true believer that if you can manage your early mornings, you can accomplish anything.

So, put me in the Before 5 AM Club (Thanks Joe Duncan https://before5am.com )

Love to hear about your morning routine as well.

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